About the Festival

The Suburban East Music Festival involves music students from all ten of the schools that make up the Suburban East Conference.  During the day, every band, orchestra and choir is given the opportunity to perform for their peers and colleagues as well as for highly skilled clinicians to work with each group at the conclusion of their performance.

The Suburban East Music Festival is a tradition which began in 1988.  For 32 years, this festival has become a major force in strengthening and preserving the quality of music education for all Suburban East Conference students.  The Suburban East Conference Music Festival is a unifying thread for the conference music programs to tie into, sharing with and learning from one another.

The Festival is comprised of two parts: the day concerts and the evening Grand Finale Concert.  The day concerts are performed by the individual schools’ top performing groups in three separate sites, one each for band, choir and orchestra. The groups then have a chance to work with clinicians for the remainder of the time period.  Students not involved in the performing are asked to listed to as many groups as possible throughout the course of the day, filling out critique sheets on every ensemble they hear.

The second part of the festival, the Grand Finale Concert, is a performance by three select groups chosen by the school’s directors.  Our guest clinicians serve as their conductors,  combining in an evening gala to show the very best of the Suburban East Conference.

Past Programs

tcsc-1988-Anoka       tcsc-1989-Stillwater     tcsc-1990-Blaine    tcsc-1991-Forest Lake

sec-2001-Forest Lake      sec-2002-Stillwater     sec-2003-White Bear Lake South     sec-2004-Woodbury    sec-2005

sec-2006-Mounds View     sec-2007-Park     sec-2008-Roseville     sec-2009-Stillwater     sec-2010-White Bear Lake South

sec-2011-Woodbury     sec-2012-Cretin Derham Hall     sec-2013-Eastridge     sec-2014-Forest Lake     sec-2015-Mounds View

sec-2016-Park    SEC-2017-Roseville      SEC 2018 Stillwater

SEC 2019 White Bear Lake